Friday, January 23, 2009

Starstruck in Saskatoon

We went to the Fiddle & the Drum ballet tonight, performed by the Alberta Ballet Company. I have been a huge (HUGE) Joni Mitchell fan since around the age of 7, so I was really looking forward to this performance.
Just before the ballet began, an elderly gentleman was seated next to me. A younger man who accompanied him was talking about 'when joni arrives, she can sit here........' It didn't occur to me that he could be referring to 'The' Joni.........and he was. It turns out that was Joni Mitchell's father sitting next to me, & Joni sat on his other side throughout the performance! What a thrill................
I helped her father up from his seat for the 2 standing ovations at the end of the show, as she left briefly to go backstage (ie. to stand with the dancers for the standing ovation).
The performance itself, never mind my brush with greatness, was absolutely visually stunning - I have never seen a dance performance this captivating, and I'm not normally attracted to modern ballet. If you get a chance to see this ballet, please do!

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