Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exciting Things at the Farmer's Market!!

There are some exciting things happening at the Farmer's Market these days............

First, an update on our first Dinner at the Market - it was a resounding success! We received nothing but great reviews from the guests, some hoping that we would continue to hold them.......weekly!! (not a chance) It was a great experience all around, & we looking forward to holding more in the future.

That was a great segway for the next bit of news:
Chef Moe Mathieu, Head Chef Instructor at SIAST's culinary program, is going to be creating a "pop up restaurant" at the Farmer's Market, set to run 4 nights per week, starting towards the end of June. Moe will be setting up a restaurant within the Market, to be run out of Riverbend's kitchen. Come & check out this first-of-its-kind in Saskatoon. Enjoy a wonderful meal, then take a stroll along the River Landing promenade!

Then, starting on Thursday, July 1st, there will be a Thursday evening market, running from 5pm to 9pm. This market is set to run until mid-September. Stop by to eat/pick up your supper, shop from the vendors & tenants, enjoy some entertainment on the Square. Just one of the exciting things beginning to happen at River Landing!

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