Monday, July 02, 2007

Ratatouille - a must see!

We decided to take our boys to Ratatouille over the weekend - although I knew the main premise was about a rat living in Paris, I did not realize that this was a foodie movie. Really, even if you don't have small children, take in this film (maybe not a matinee, then!). Almost the entire movie is about cooking, the dynamics of the French professional kitchen, the mystique of the Michelin stars given to French restaurants..........and of course, it's another Pixar masterpiece.

I'm really excited about first-ever Taste of Broadway, being held on July 12th at the Broadway Theatre( Here's the description:

"Taste delectable appetizers and desserts from the Bulk Cheese Warehouse, Calories, The Living Room, Ninos, Pesto's, Sushiro, Starbucks, Weczeria and the Yard and Flagon, while indulging in wine-tasting from Cory Distilleries, PMA Ltd., E & J Gallo Vinery, PMT Distributors and Foster's Wine Estates. Followed by one of the great "foodie" movies. What a wonderful way to spend an evening!"

can't wait :)

Happy Canada Day!

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