Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, after nearly a year of looking forward to it, tomorrow I leave for Scotland, for the The Gathering 2009 in Edinburgh. This is the international gathering of the clans (I will be a representative of clan Sutherland) & all its festivities, including the Highland Games, which you've likely heard of. I will be going with my father, who has generously given me the opportunity to accompany him on this ancestral voyage.
We will be participating in a parade, in groups of clans, up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle. The photo I've posted is now making me very afraid. Each clan (there are roughly 125 in total that will be represented) will have a tent set up during the weekend. People have been asking me if I have relatives still in Scotland. I have replied "Yes, & apparently I will be meeting all of them!" :)
After the Gathering weekend, we will be travelling for a week around towns where my father has been before, including some of ancestral significance.
Looking forward to posting details of the trip! I'll let you know how the Haggis was.........

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