Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Paris Moments - it was Frigorifique

Just a few pics and description from our last evening in Paris.
Our last meal was the 'one' meal we wanted to have while we were in Paris - traditional, (somewhat) formal, but not requiring a small loan.

I did a fair bit of research on picking a place, and then picking a place that had seats available. I settled on Le Reminet (rooster). Successfully making a reservation over the phone in french was my single biggest accomplishment, language-wise. When we arrived, they were expecting us.......all was good! Open up the link, you'll have soft jazz in the background (the restaurant is located in St. Germain des Pres - home of nu jazz). It completely lived up to the reviews - very quaint, old-style traditional, exceptional service, and most importantly, really wonderful food.
Here was my meal:
Carpaccio de betteraves rouges et jaunes en marinade exotique, beignet de langoustine 16e (right)
Filet de boeuf au poivre (didn't i say it was traditional?), pulpe de pommes rattes monte au beurre frais 28e (left)

And for dessert: Tube au chocolat a la mousse malibu (!)-coco fressinettes (baby bananas) flambees au rhum 9e

Heading back to the metro, we walked by this alley/lane, called, as depicted: rue du chat qui peche.

And, to sum up the entire Paris experience, my new favourite word:

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