Friday, January 16, 2009

New Look for my Website

I recently & quite suddenly felt compelled to update the look of my website - Shannon, from Whole Wheat Web Design was patient with me, as I kept changing my mind on the background colour (which you will notice looks rather similar to the background on this page) :)

Hope you like it!

I will be absent from the Market this weekend, however, several of my products are available at the Little Market Store, located between Park Cafe & Petal Pushers, in the southeast corner of the Market. This will be my last planned Saturday off for quite some time - I'm taking in the Symphony, something I don't normally get to do after my usual scone-baking frenzied Saturday mornings. I shall savour every moment - & it's even warmed up outside as an added bonus.

Next Saturday marks the day before the Chinese New Year, & the day of Robert Burn's birthday - look for festive items celebrating both events!


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