Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finding Nirvana in Navan

It would appear that, in a single sip, I have found 'my drink'. I finally purchased Navan, a vanilla-infused cognac (a Grand Marnier product). I had yet to try it, but I knew that I wanted to do truffles with it for the upcoming holiday season..........and of course, I love vanilla, so it was beckoning me. Forgetting, at first, that you are to warm the cognac slightly before sipping, I inhaled the vapours & nearly choked. I thought I was in for a huge disappointment...........memories of sipping straight whiskey from parent's liquor cabinets at a ridicuously young age came flooding back. I took a sip anyway, after all, I had already poured it.........you are instantly hit with an intense vanilla flavour. Truly amazing. The taste on your lips afterwards is sweet, and totally vanilla. I am in love ;)

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