Saturday, October 28, 2006

Inaugural Post

Today was the last Saskatoon Farmer's Market before Halloween - many of the vendors (& children) were decked out in costume, lots of themed items were available. For my booth, I added some mango puree to the Dal Makhani I made to give it the appropriate orange-hue, and I also had some black & orange spiral cream cheese cookies (this is the cookie recipe we made this week in my after-school cooking series) and put my pita crisps in Halloween cello bags.

I have a Cinderalla pumpkin in my store now, which I purchased from the Market. These go from a pale orange to a deep red, at which point, they are apparently ready to eat (yes, raw, drizzled with honey I'm told.....eaten as you would eat a watermelon). I'll let you know how it is!

Michelle Zimmer
Owner - Wild Serendipty Foods

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