Tuesday, November 02, 2010


At 24-26 Place de la Madeleine lies Fauchon, a culinary merchant of historical significance in Paris, known for upscale fine food items. How to describe it as you walk through the doors..........this is a food store with bling!, a sumptuous feast for the eyes, causing an immediate increase in heart rate (really). Everything, from the packaging to the store decor and displays was pure eye candy. I calmed myself down and began exploring.

I did a prelimary 'sweep' of the store to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

At the front of the store lies a sweeter portion of the epicerie section (exotic jams, honeys); further towads the back of the store is the tea and coffee section. It should be noted that Fauchon opened Paris' first Salon de The in 1898 (!). Tea is the obvious star in this section. We were taken in by the Fall seasonal tea (one new one for each season), an amazing spiced rooibis, with a strong scent of orange. We scooped up several tins for our tea lovers back home.

The other part of the back portion contained a myriad of spices, salts, peppercorns, a HUGE selection of foie gras, pasta, oils, cheese,..................it goes on & on. Returning to the front of the store, you find the patisserie section, with a large glass display of fine chocolates, plus numerous assortments of packaged chocolates.

We came away with this lovely assortment of chocolates (the middle row has Fauchon emblazened in gold), the many tins of tea and a sampler set of exotic honeys. Oh, and a black & white vinyl Fauchon shopping bag!
Downstairs houses the wine store, with a huge bar table with seating for wine tasting classes. How fun would that be?!

Upstairs houses their Salon de The - sadly, I have to report that I did not venture upstairs (this, of course, means that I must return immediately!).

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